Food and Calorie Finder

Food and Calorie Finder 1.0.1

Track how many calories you are eating


  • Auto-detects ingredients
  • Can isolate different categories - calories, iron etc.
  • Dsiplays Weight Watchers and carb values


  • No configuration options
  • Only detects ingredient, not quantity


If you like to keep an eye on your nutrition, an add-on like Food and Calorie Finder is just the tool you need.

This Firefox extension place two small icons in your browser, a larger one on the navigation bar and a small one in the status bar. When Food and Calorie Finder detects food items on a page, it will change color to alert you and, if you roll over, display a list of the ingredients it has found. Clicking on either of the Food and Calorie Finder icons will bring up a sidebar displaying the foods and their nutritional value, while clicking on a blue link will bring up a complete information sheet for that food in a separate tab.

Food and Calorie Finder doesn’t have any configuration options, which is a bit disappointing. You can't move the bar, modify measurement types or customize the display. Even so, it's not too obtrusive and is easy to use - you click on the ingredient and the nutritional information is displayed below. If you want to search for a food independently of a specific recipe, you choose All Foods under View and either type in the search box or browse through the categories. You can isolate individual nutritional categories by choosing an option from the drop-down menu.

Food and Calorie Finder is a handy - but not perfect - add-on for Firefox foodies.

Food and Calorie Finder


Food and Calorie Finder 1.0.1

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